Private Yoga Instruction

The sessions will be adjusted to meet the students personal needs and goals.

Private Yoga is an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. Private sessions allows for a more intimate view into your practice. Private instruction can be helpful in starting a new practice and for deepening a established practice. In addition, private yoga sessions can assist in healing and working with an injury or chronic condition. Working with a teacher one on one, allows the teacher to help  experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personal way. Our teachers can help you develop a home practice tailored to your individual needs.

Introduction to Yoga through Private Instruction

A series of 6 classes designed especially to support the new Yoga student. Lay the foundation for a regular practice by familiarizing yourself with basics of yoga. 6 private lessons to leave you feeling comfortable on the mat and in a group environment.   Sessions can be for 1-2 new students.


If you are in the beginning stages of a yoga practice, private instruction can enhance and solidify the poses and techniques in a safe, personalized environment that will help you get the most out of group classes. Private Yoga can be your entire practice or can be used to enhance your current yoga practice.

Busy Yogis

For those of us who can’t seem to find a class time that works with our schedules, private yoga is a welcome change! Choosing a time that works for you and having a private class in your home (or at the studio) will allow you to relax and get the most out of your practice.

Intermediate/Advanced Students

There comes a time when you want to go deeper into your practice and work on challenging sequences and poses. One-on-ones can help you develop the next level of your practice that can sometimes be difficult to work on in a group class. Maybe you want to work on handstand, backbends, or going deeper with mediation or pranayama. We will develop and inspire the beautiful practice you already have.

Injured or Students with Chronic Conditions

Private yoga classes are the perfect way to work with special health concerns, injuries, or any other limitations you may experiance. If you are concerned about the possibility of a re-injury, working one-on-one with a private yoga instructor can help you learn how to adapt certain postures and use modifications. In addition find out if there are specific poses to avoid when in class.


60 minute session

~1 student $80
~2 student $100

6 week series | Six 60 minute sessions

~1 students $240
~2 students $360 ($180 per student)

4 weekly sessions | Four 60 minute sessions

~1 student $200 ($50 per session | must be used consecutively)

* Above pricing is for in-studio sessions. For in-home sessions, an additional fee may apply if your home is more that 15mins from downtown Albuquerque.


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