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SATURDAY July 14 – 1-2:30 – $16

Discover the power and beauty of Viniyoga – We will start with a very short discussion surrounding the history and tradition of Viniyoga. What makes this practice different?

We will experience a carefully sequenced practice that includes classic asana postures, combined with specific use of intentional breath, building into a pranayama practice.

  • The emphasis on function rather than form in āsana practice, and the science of adapting the forms of the postures to achieve different results –
  • Recognition that everybody is different everyday –
  • Breath inspired movement –
  • Repetition and stay –
  • Careful attention to sequencing
  • Pranayama Practice


SATURDAY, July 28 3-4:30 – $16

Discover the use of pranayama practice in your life and to enhance your asana and meditation practice.In this workshop, we will discuss the energetics created by the use and control of the breath, explore several techniques of pranayama & bringing a greater understanding to how you might incorporate these powerful practices into your life as well as into your Yoga practice.



If you have been speeding through life and are yearning to slow down, tune in, and catch up with yourself, this workshop is for you.Many of us make the mistake of thinking happiness comes through external achievement: the right job, perfect relationship, external approval and status. This workshop invites you to grow curious about your assumptions by slowing down enough to look more closely… to address physical and mental tension by teaching you how to stay in the present moment, regardless of emotions, thoughts or physical discomfort that come up. This class will utilize breath-based awareness in both yogic movement (gentle to moderate) and watchful stillness; this will deepen your meditation practice, increase emotional and mental steadiness and mark the path toward true contentment. All levels of yoga and meditation experience are welcome.