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yoga for all

yoga for all

yoga for all

2019 Workshops!

Life After Breast Surgery
A workshop with Linda Oberdorfer, PT

Working with Linda Oberdorfer, PT, we will explore the anatomy and function of the upper quarter with the emphasis on shoulder issues after breast surgery. Restrictions that cause pain and limitation of motion in the joints, fascias, muscles and neural tissues will be addressed. Exercise to restore normal mobility and function will be discussed with follow up in a Yoga class setting with recognition of the limiting factors. Short 15 minute assessments of each individual’s range of motion, “ROM” in the upper quarter and strength deficits will be done to allow individual follow-up exercise & Yoga modifications and possible need for hands on treatment. A link to reserve a time for your assessment will be sent to you when you register. Or call 505-881-2187 to schedule.

Date Saturday June 1, 2019
Time 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Cost $30

Mantra and the Power of Chanting

With Halli Bourne

Mantra, spoken word, prayer and affirmation have been used in virtually all religions and meditative traditions for millennia. Mantra Japa, or chanting is a powerful tool for meditation and personal transformation. Based on the science of sound as the vibrational source of creation, mantra gathers and directs energy into healing, awakening and more.

Date Sunday June 2, 2019
Time 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Cost $55

Understanding Your Pelvis –

Saturday, June 22 

Working with Linda Oberdorfer, PT, we will discuss the anatomy and function of the female pelvis and associated core and pelvic floor muscles. Exercises for stability and mobility will be addressed. Yoga classes to address the mobility and strength issues will follow with Susan Hakanson. Short individual 15 minute assessment can be done to determine core , pelvic and hip strength as well as restrictions in the joints, muscles, neural or fascial structures. This 15 minute assessment will be scheduled separately – a link will be sent to you on registration, or call 505.881.2187.
Date Saturday June 22, 2019
Time 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Staff Linda Oberdorfer

Can’t stop slouching? Achy and tired?  Join us for:

Back by popular demand! New Dates TBD Summer 2019

Breathe – Stabilize – Move!
A special series with Dr. Emily Blair, D.C.

Staying fixed in one position all day creates microtrauma and pain in the body.
Unlocking the keys to good posture and efficient movement can be as simple as re-visiting the developmental patterns that you were born with.  Learn some simple skills for how to breathe-stabilize-move. Side-effects include better oxygenation, more energy, less pain.

Cost: $115,

Massage Therapy at Wellspring –
Saturdays between 10 am and 4 pm

Rates: 60 min $65
75 min $80
90 min $95
Prices include tax.
No gratuity please.

Naomi Raine joins our team at Wellspring Yoga this week. Naomi began practicing massage in California in 1987, after her initial 100-hour licensure course. In 1990 she graduated from National Holistic Institute with a 500-hour certificate in Shiatsu and Swedish massage therapy. She continued to study additional modalities, including craniosacral therapy, lymphatic massage, pregnancy massage, and active deep tissue for injuries.
Naomi provides deeply relaxing, soothing, and peaceful sessions to ease aches and worries, and tailors each massage to individual needs.
Her work as a massage therapist eventually drew her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she is currently a student at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe.